Claims - Your Personal Recovery Co-ordinator (PRC)

At Advocate we look for ways to stand above our competitors. One way we have chosen to stand out is how we respond to clients during a claim.

At the time of a claim most people are unsure about what to do next. How will their claim be handled? What should they do next? Will my company stand behind me and recover my loss fairly and in a timely manner?

Our innovation came in 2008 when we had the belief that we could truly make a difference for our policy holders at the time of a claim. Our PRC team is our most shining example of how we have chosen to stand in the gap. We are dedicated to alleviating the stress and confusion created at the time of a loss by standing by our clients through the process from beginning to end. You won't find this specialized service anywhere else. This is just one of the many advantages of being an Advocate client.

Our 24/7 toll free claims number is 1-888-278-7584

OR visit us in person at:

4275 King Street East, Suite 300.
Kitchener, Ontario N2P 2E9

(Beside the Brick Furniture Store in the Deer Ridge Plaza)

Should you file this claim?

If there's a slight chance that someone may have suffered as a result of the accident, then you must file the claim. Otherwise, if you choose not to file it, you won't have the insurance policy to protect you from lawsuit. 

There are, however, situations where it makes sense to not file a claim. Keeping your insurance record clean will probably keep your rates down.

As your independent broker, we'll do our best to make your claim experience a smooth one.

  • To begin, please contact the insurance company directly to put them on notice of the claim. We will then be notified of your claim by the insurance company.
  • If you have a claim and would like our assistance, we will be happy to speak with you.  In most cases, you will need to speak directly with the Insurance Carrier to report the details but we can help to make sure that your claim is processed correctly. Simply contact our nearest office for assistance
  •  After your claim is processed, we will follow-up with you to ask about your experience and make sure you were treated well.

If think you're not being treated fairly, need some help along the way or want to share your positive experience with us, just let us know! We're always here for you.