The Advocate Advantage - Personal Recovery Coordinator (PRC)

Traveling Woes and Advocating Rights

Exhaustion can be a typical feeling when returning from a vacation. Waiting in airport line ups, motion sickness, flight delays, lost luggage, you get the idea. Imagine you are on the last stretch of your journey, waiting for the valet to bring up your car when suddenly you hear a sound... crash! Just when you start thinking about how nice it will be to unpack and relax when you get home you find out the valet driver just had an accident with your car.

Unfortunately this story is not fictional. Our Personal Recovery Coordinator received a phone call from a client one morning reporting an accident that involved their car. The client was concerned about the damages, didn't know where to have the vehicle towed or more importantly IF the claim would be covered. The PRC stepped in and started to guide the client through the process; they arranged to have the vehicle towed to a body shop, reserved a rental car for the client to use while their car underwent repairs and gathered all the pertinent details in order to report the claim to the insurance company.

But that's not all: our PRC learned that this accident would be considered an "at-fault" accident by the company, even though they themselves were not driving at the time. Not satisfied with this ruling, our Personal Recovery team contacted the claims supervisor at the insurance company to discuss the matter further. Ultimately, the company did agree to cover the loss because the PRC was able to skillfully point out the difference between the rules that apply to a garage worker verses those applied to a valet, who was held to a higher standard.

This hands-on approach is just one of the ways we stand in the gap with you, our client, advocating on your behalf and being there when you need us most.