High Value Home Insurance for Kitchener and All of the Waterloo Region

Your Home Needs Special Attention

Do you own a high value home (estimated replacement cost exceeding $500,000.00)? If so, its important to have an insurance policy that is tailored to fit your unique needs. Standard home policies don't provide the coverage you need in the event of a loss. Your home requires broader coverage, and this is where we come in. For over 100 years, Advocate Insurance Group has been insuring high valued homes in Kitchener and all of the Waterloo Region, as well as across Ontario. Our reputation in the insurance industry has allowed us to partner with over 10 Canadian insurance carriers, bringing you options and flexibility.

More than just a home...

Your high valued dwelling is more than just a home, its a place where memories are made and some of your most cherished items are stored. We understand this and that is why we highly recommend you speak with one of our licensed Brokers. At Advocate we will ensure you have the coverage needed to properly protect what you have today, as well as in the future.

Do you have high valued collectibles?

Many high value home owners in Ontario also possess expensive art collections, antiques, jewelry, wine and high valued family heirlooms. Our team will take the time to get to know you along with your collectibles. This is another example of why a standard homeowners policy isn't the right choice for you! We will work with our multiple insurers to negotiate the best coverage at the most competitive price. Contact us today to learn more about higher coverage limits, inflation protection, guaranteed replacement costs and cash-value alternatives.

Concierge Claims Service

One of the Advocate advantages is our free Concierge Claims Service, a benefit each and every Advocate policy holder receives when they place their trust in us. Like you, we are policy holders and understand the stress experienced at the time of a claim. Unlike our competitors, Advocate has a team of Personal Recovery Coordinators (PRC) on staff whose only purpose is to walk you through the claims process from start to finish. 100% of Advocate clients surveyed stated they would recommend Advocate to their friends and family. We are here for you when it matters most. Want to learn more about high value homeowners insurance? Simply click here and fill out the quote request form and someone from our office will contact you.