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We recognized that this is a challenging time. We want you to know that our team is safe. Advocate implemented our pandemic plan last week in anticipation of COVID-19 developments.  Our team is working from the safety of their homes and is available to serve you. This includes service, claims, sales, billing and administrative support for both our personal and commercial clients.

While we have closed our office and are not available for in-person meetings, our team is available to serve you by phone or email. While we have always believed in having receptionists available to offer personal service to you, we have implemented an automated system at this time. Our receptionists are still on hand but are helping to triage client inquiries so our team can be as responsive as possible. When you call Advocate at (519) 650-5565 you will hear an automated attendant offering you options.

While we will support you in the way that works best for you, email is the best way to reach us at this time –

If there is a particular person you want the email to go to just note it in the subject line and we will direct it to them, but know that we work as a team and all of our licensed brokers will be on hand to get you answers.

Over the last few years, we have made significant investments in leading-edge technology and it is this advanced platform that allows our dedicated team to continue to serve you remotely. That being said, we recognize there may be times you can’t reach someone as quickly as you would like or we may be delayed if we have to confirm information with an insurance company. We ask for your patience. Please know our team is working hard to respond to you as quickly as they can.

Please remember that coverage cannot be bound by information left through voice mail, email, fax or online submissions. You must receive confirmation from one of our licensed broker.

It is our privilege to serve you and we want you to know we are here to assist.


Scott Heaman

Scott Heaman CAIB, CRM, AIPC



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  • "Great personalized service, always very responsive to questions. I have been a customer since I bought my first car and have continued dealing with Advocate for all of my insurance needs."

    - H. Restoule
  • "Every interaction I've had with Advocate has been easy and comfortable. From requesting a quote to changing information, working with Advocate is always painless!"

    - M. Martin
  • "Linda is extremely considerate, compassionate and provides a level of service that is rare in this day and age. She is a true professional and a fantastic representative for the Advocate Group! Thank you for the great service!"

    - D. MacDougall
  • "I was referred to Advocate Insurance by a friend/home caregiver. They were easy to work with and explained everything clearly. They also are great at knowing what kind of daycare insurance I need for running a home daycare. I now recommend Advocate Insurance to everyone I talk to."

    - C. Goga
  • "Being in the service business myself I have found that dealing with Advocate has been tremendous and I would highly recommend them to anybody. Their service and customer satisfaction has been A1. If you want the best, choose Advocate!"

    - G. Wilson
  • "Advocate has been serving me for nearly ten years now. Bill is always friendly and helpful when it comes to any of my questions or concerns about my policy. I am not an insurance expert, that's why it's nice to have a friendly, knowledgeable broker to turn to!"

    - T. Cole
  • "The team at Advocate Insurance Group always handles my insurance professionally and in a timely manner. Any time I've had a claim or purchased a new vehicle, the process dealing with them for my insurance was a stress-free experience."

    - M. Slack
  • "When I contacted Advocate, they always promptly answered any questions I had and offered the lowest rates. They were able to get my policy number up and running faster than I could have dreamed of. It was a seamless and convenient experience for me, not to mention that they genuinely care. That's why I chose Advocate."

    - K. Wilson
  • "My husband recently was involved in a 'fender-bender’ and was deemed not at fault. However, our car suffered considerable damage. Advocate Insurance Group handled our claim quickly and to our complete satisfaction. What could have been a difficult situation was stress-free."

    - J. Anthony
  • "We have recommended Advocate to many of our friends and family and anyone who got a quote also switched companies. Customer service is also excellent and I have and will recommend them again and again."

    - S. Hunter

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We recognize that most people don’t want to think about insurance. When it comes to losses, many think “it will never happen to me” but every day Advocate works with clients who HAVE suffered a claim.  Please consider what you’re protecting – your home, business, car, and family’s well-being.  These are your most valuable items and deserve care and attention.  Have you been trying to find the cheapest insurance without considering what coverage is provided? That might be the most costly mistake you ever make.

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