We recognize most people don’t want to spend time thinking about insurance. Many people think “it will never happen to me” and “I’ll never have a claim” but the reality is every day Advocate works with clients who HAVE suffered a claim, so we see the importance, firsthand, of investing in protection in case it does happen to you.

Let’s consider what you’re protecting: your home,our business, your car, your family’s well-being if you are injured in a claim, your most valuable items. Don’t you think that deserves your care and attention?

Have you been trying to find the cheapest insurance quote  without considering the coverage? That might be the most costly mistake you ever make.

If all you know about your insurance is how much you pay, then it’s time to talk with Advocate. Insurance is a complex product, always take the time to deal with a professional. With Advocate, you will work with provincially licensed insurance brokers, many of whom also hold industry designations that take years to obtain. True insurance professionals. That’s been the Advocate way for over 100 years.

Together we will make sure you understand your insurance needs, consider coverage options, shop the insurance market to find the best insurance company for you, and help you make informed decisions so you can feel confident you have the protection you need.

Let’s get started in helping you find YOUR insurance solution.

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help you in the event you have a claim?

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