Uber Insurance for Kitchener and all of the Waterloo Region

Personal car insurance does not provide the coverage needed for Uber Entrepreneurs. Luckily we have a solution. Advocate Insurance Group not only has a market available to fully cover your business and customers, we also have someone on staff specializing in this niche market of insurance coverage.

Don’t risk your future, you need an Advocate

For over 100 years, Advocate Insurance Group has been advising clients and tailoring policies to fit individual’s needs. You don’t stay in business this long without adapting to change and embracing new trends.  If you are an Uber driver in the Kitchener, Waterloo and surrounding area, then we are here to offer you the most comprehensive coverage at the most competitive price. What’s more, Advocate offers personalized service, without the use of automated systems, and every Advocate client receives free concierge claims service. You WON’T get that anywhere else! Our Personal Recovery Coordinator’s sole responsibility is walking clients thru the claims process from start to finish and advocating on your behalf for the settlement you deserve.

There for you when it matters most

An Uber insurance policy will offer:

  • full coverage for collisions, thefts and vandalism
  • coverage for repairs resulting from an accident while carrying a paying customer
  • injury benefits for both drivers and passengers
  • legal fees
  • protection from the point of pick up until a passenger is dropped off

This new insurance policy covers the gap between personal auto insurance and commercial auto insurance and is an “add–on” to the Uber drivers existing policy. Your policy is a click away, provide your contact information here and let us offer a free, no strings attached quote.

Peace of mind for drivers and passengers

Our solution provides drivers and passengers with the absolute peace of mind that they have the insurance coverage they need to operate the ride sharing business.  From the moment a passenger is picked up until the moment they have been transported to their destination an Uber Insurance policy has you covered.  Still not sure if you need this endorsement?  Call us today and ask to speak with the Advocate Uber Insurance Specialist.

Are you eligible?

Your part time business could result in devastating long term financial consequences if you don’t take the time, or spend the few extra dollars to protect yourself from the risks associated with transporting passengers. Simply click on the link provided, leave your contact information and our Uber Driver Insurance specialist will contact you with a free quote.

Be sure to comply with the following criteria:

  • licensed in Canada or USA for minimum 6 years
  • maximum 8 passengers in order to qualify
  • operate as a ride-share driver for up to 20 hours per week
  • vehicle not used for any other commercial purpose
  • vehicle cannot be registered as a taxi, limo or any other public transportation

Advocate is a full service property and casualty insurance provider. Our reputation and integrity has allowed us to partner with over 10 Canadian Insurance providers, it would be our pleasure to “bundle” your insurance needs for even more savings. 

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  • "We have recommended Advocate to many of our friends and family and anyone who got a quote also switched companies. Customer service is also excellent and I have and will recommend them again and again."

    - S. Hunter
  • "After a car accident, I was treated very well by Advocate's Personal Recovery Coordinator Linda. I am a happy customer and have referred many others to try Advocate as their brokerage of choice."

    - D. Kalinowski
  • "Linda is extremely considerate, compassionate and provides a level of service that is rare in this day and age. She is a true professional and a fantastic representative for the Advocate Group! Thank you for the great service!"

    - D. MacDougall
  • "I have been with Advocate Insurance since I got my first apartment 26 years ago, and have always had great service. Even though I am no longer in in the Kitchener-Waterloo area I still use them for them for all my insurance needs."

    - C. Johnson
  • "We were with the same insurance company for over 20 years, assuming that we were getting the best bang for our buck until we got a quote from Advocate. We saved a considerable amount of money on the insurance and our liability coverage was substantially higher."

    - S. Hunter
  • "I was referred to Advocate Insurance by a friend/home caregiver. They were easy to work with and explained everything clearly. They also are great at knowing what kind of daycare insurance I need for running a home daycare. I now recommend Advocate Insurance to everyone I talk to."

    - C. Goga
  • "My husband recently was involved in a 'fender-bender’ and was deemed not at fault. However, our car suffered considerable damage. Advocate Insurance Group handled our claim quickly and to our complete satisfaction. What could have been a difficult situation was stress-free."

    - J. Anthony
  • "I consider Advocate my insurance family. I always feel welcome and appreciated whether it be purchasing new insurance, changing existing insurance or simply obtaining clarification on a specific matter."

    - D. Kalinowski
  • "With two children becoming drivers at the same time, Advocate was very patient with all the changes being made. I always tell people to go to Advocate and they've never been disappointed."

    - K. Crane
  • "Advocate has been great for our business. Annual renewal is smooth and easy. Their friendly and personal service is second to none, and their skill set and expertise instills confidence that we are getting the best deal."

    - S. Dunn

What’s the difference between a broker, agent and direct writer?

Unlike an agent or direct writer who works for the insurance company, a broker works with multiple insurance companies so they can shop the market for coverage and rate options for you.  Advocate is an independent, licensed brokerage which means we work independently from the insurance companies.  We are not influenced to sell you certain products.  We work for you and put your needs first.

Insurance is there to protect your family and assets… don’t put them at risk!  Always deal with a licensed professional who represents your interests, not the insurance company’s.

How often do I need to renew my policy?

Most policies renew on an annual basis, however if you have unique needs please call us to discuss.

How can I get a quote?

Please call us at 1-888-278-7584 or submit a form online here.

What is a deductible and how does it impact my premium?

In the event of a claim, your deductible is the amount that you pay before your insurance company steps in to pay the remaining costs (subject to the policy coverage and limits).  Some people prefer a low deductible while some are comfortable being responsible for a higher deductible, knowing that this may lower their premium slightly.  We can provide options to you so you can select what works best for you.

Do I really need an umbrella policy?

Consider for a moment whether it is possible that you could ever be sued.  Do you drive a car? Do you have children? Do you have a dog? Do you ever entertain at your home? Do you or your kids use social media? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions you are personally at risk. Despite best intentions, injuries and property damage can occur.  That’s why home and auto insurance policies have liability coverage.

But what happens when that limit is used up? When was the last time you increased your liability coverage? It likely won’t be a surprise to you that court award judgments are on the rise.  An umbrella liability policy is an excellent way to bring an additional layer of protection for you and your family. Ask us to provide a quote for your consideration because we want you and your assets to be protected.